Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Life Easier

Okay everyone, this is gonna be easy blog.  Everyday I will post 3-4 "life cheats" on here to help make things a bit easier for everyone.  If anyone has any that I may not have, feel free to post it in the comments, or correct me if I make an error.  Today, I'm just going to give one tip, because I am busy practicing for my recital on both tuba and voice (I'm a dual-major). 

  1.  If you have shoes that stink, there is an easy solution.  Take them, put them in a plastic bag, (whether it be Ziploc or something else does not matter) and put them in the freezer overnight (a full day for the people who have sweaty feet).  Why does this help?  Well it is because the usual suspect of foot odor is a bacteria that cannot survive in extreme temperatures.  As we don't want to melt the shoes, freezing them will do the trick just as well.


  1. I love lifehacks! keep 'em coming. following.

  2. my roommates shoes are going in the freezer right now...