Saturday, March 5, 2011

Free Laptop or Phone Skin!

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while...It's been a very trying time.  My gf lost her job, I'm broke now because of buying schoolbooks, and I might have to leave school in the middle of the semester and me and her move back home.  It's just a lot to worry about, and I'm scared about it.  That is why I have the donate button on the side.  I know most people won't do it, but if anyone has a little spare money, and a caring heart, please help...every little bit is a blessing to us now.  We mainly need it for gas in order to drive to different places and apply and try to get interviews.  I don't worry about myself, I can deal with not being able to complete school just yet.  I'm just worried about her.  <====  Anyway, if you use this link and go to this website, you can join their affiliate program (its free!) and get a free skin when you get 50 different people to use your link to go to the site.  It's very easy.  Plus, you get a $25 sign up bonus, and 20% of each sale you bring them.  Easy huh?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Tips to Getting a Job

Ever had a job that you wanted to get, but was beaten out?  You probably thought along these lines: How did he get that job?  What makes him so much better than me?  Well the thing is, he probably has pretty close to the same qualifications as you.  But then how did he get the job?!  Because he knew the right way to go around the application process.  Tip #1: Never just ask for an application from anybody.  If you walk in and ask the host or hostess if you can fill one out, there is a big chance that it might never get to the manager.  This is not the host or hostess' fault though.  You have to realize that there is always a big chance that they will get busy, and innocently forget about it entirely.  If you want to make a good first impression, ask if you can speak to the manager, and then ask him/her about applying.  It will show you are proactive.  Also, never EVER apply online if you can help it.  I know some places require you to do that, but you have to realize that your first impression is when you hand in that application, and you should always hand it to a manager, no one else, unless the manager isn't available.
You need to be very proactive about this.  First off, wait 2-3 days, then go back to the store.  Ask for the manager, and then ask them if they had been able to take a look at you application and if you could schedule an interview.  If you go through the manager, you have a better chance.  But by all means, Do Not Dog Them To Death!  Don't constantly call or come in asking.  Give them a chance to think about it.  It will make it a lot easier on both of you.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Networking Gold

Okay, this one is mainly for the college students.  You need to do this.  In college, get close to a few of your professors.  Chat with them, offer to eat lunch at the commons hall with them.  Eventually, ask them to come by your house to eat dinner (make sure you are of the same sex!), and invite them out to a pub for a beer.  This may seem weird, but there is reason by this.  Later on in life, you are gonna need these references for a job.  And voila!  You have networking gold because you did this!  Trust me, this is a great way to help yourself later in life, so start on it now!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy to Remember

Okay, so this is gonna be another short one (sorry had a basketball game and the pep band had to play) but a very helpful one.  Do you ever misplace stuff?  Or remind yourself about something before you go to sleep, only to wake up and not remember a freakin' thing?  That is so annoying.  But have no fear, maybe I can help.  Want to remember something?  Right before you go to sleep, remind yourself over and over what you need to remember to do.  Then take something weird and put it in a weird place.  You are probably thinking I'm nutty, but do it.  For example, take a table chair, and put it in the shower.  Why?  Because your brain automatically starts thinking back to the night before, and remembers how the chair got there, as well as remembering what you needed it to remember.  Tada!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Making Life Easier

Okay everyone, this is gonna be easy blog.  Everyday I will post 3-4 "life cheats" on here to help make things a bit easier for everyone.  If anyone has any that I may not have, feel free to post it in the comments, or correct me if I make an error.  Today, I'm just going to give one tip, because I am busy practicing for my recital on both tuba and voice (I'm a dual-major). 

  1.  If you have shoes that stink, there is an easy solution.  Take them, put them in a plastic bag, (whether it be Ziploc or something else does not matter) and put them in the freezer overnight (a full day for the people who have sweaty feet).  Why does this help?  Well it is because the usual suspect of foot odor is a bacteria that cannot survive in extreme temperatures.  As we don't want to melt the shoes, freezing them will do the trick just as well.