Monday, February 14, 2011

Easy to Remember

Okay, so this is gonna be another short one (sorry had a basketball game and the pep band had to play) but a very helpful one.  Do you ever misplace stuff?  Or remind yourself about something before you go to sleep, only to wake up and not remember a freakin' thing?  That is so annoying.  But have no fear, maybe I can help.  Want to remember something?  Right before you go to sleep, remind yourself over and over what you need to remember to do.  Then take something weird and put it in a weird place.  You are probably thinking I'm nutty, but do it.  For example, take a table chair, and put it in the shower.  Why?  Because your brain automatically starts thinking back to the night before, and remembers how the chair got there, as well as remembering what you needed it to remember.  Tada!

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